Right Time to Start Preparing For GMAT

A student should start his preparation for GMAT a year before his graduation or just after his graduation is complete, depending upon his career objectives. A student can also start preparing for GMAT before five months of when he intends to take GMAT exam. It is enough time to allow the student to hone his weakness and complete regular drills and take several full-length practice tests.

While preparation for GMAT exam before five months , the students should allot at least ten hours a week to study over at least three days a week for first three months . It takes time to get organized and become familiar with the test and develop the GMAT test taking strategies that works for students and QDS Pro helps the students in developing these best strategies in order to crack the GMAT exam. QDS Pro helps to build a routine for GMAT preparation, which ultimately leads to the development of the requisite skills in students, naturally. QDS Pro provides targeted preparation which is the key to the students GMAT exam success. It starts with a study plan.

The very first step in GMAT exam preparation is to make a study plan. To formulate the study plan the student should take a diagnostic test means full length, timed, computerized adaptive format test. This test helps the student in knowing the starting point in the terms of GMAT score and it also helps to set a target. With this initial score the student knows how far they are from their goal. This test also helps to learn about the weakness of the student. Instead of simply allotting a certain numbers of hours a week, each study session should have a particular goal. This will help the students to adjust the study plan.
To start preparing for the GMAT exam, there are mainly four important steps:
1) To learn the format – Use the daily preparation time to become familiar with the format of the exam.
2) To analyze the strengths and weaknesses – The students should allot more time to drill the weaknesses and to develop the relevant skills.
3) To work on fundamental skills.
4) To edit the study plan as needed: While sticking on the basic plans the students should make sure to update it as based on their progress as they continue.
The key way to give the study plan a confidence is to give enough time on study and staying organized. And with the last two months, the students should start giving the online tests for GMAT exam which are practice test papers as many as possible to get used to the format of the paper.

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