How To Improve Vocabulary?

Building your vocabulary is essential in today’s competitive world. A good vocabulary helps us recall the meaning of the words whenever we come across a word. It helps us not only in reading and writing but a good impressive English along with a fancy vocabulary can help us create our best impression on others. Almost all the competitive exams have a section called ‘Verbal Ability’, this means the ability of the student to comprehend English language. The student who has a greater knowledge in this section gets an advantage over others.

Now, you know the usage of good vocabulary but the most important question is how to improve at it? For improving vocabulary, the first essential step is to read. Read, read and read until you get hold of the language. Reading must not stop at any point whether you have succeeded in your examinations or not. It helps us in increasing our knowledge base, learning new words, learning the style of writing and hence, get command over English language. It’s important to have diversified reading sources because it will ultimately help in cracking Reading Comprehensions in examinations. The RCs out there come from different backgrounds and are never related to one particular theme. So, you must diversify your readings by getting hold of newspapers, blogs, and novels and refer to other such websites which provide trustworthy information like Bloomberg Quint, The Hindu, Economic Times, etc…

To read the kind of RCs which appears in the examination, you can enrol to our platform QDS Pro, where you will find practice tests on articles of different genres and ask your doubts on our 24*7 online doubt solving platform. Next step is to learn the words which you come across. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy because you might require them to check the meaning, antonyms, synonyms and usage of those words in sentences. You may even write it down and keep revising it on a regular basis. Most of the entrance exams have direct questions based on words which might get difficult if the meaning of the word is unknown to you. Try to learn the roots of the words because it helps in knowing the origin of the word and hence the words of same roots can be associated with the same meaning.

Learning new words in a fun way makes this task easier. Play word games like Crosswords, Scrabble, Boggle or Quiddler. You can use flashcards to remember the newly learnt words. QDS Pro is accessible from anywhere and at any time. Also, you can access it through multiple devices. So, use it to learn new words on a regular basis and solve questions on it too.

You can even follow books like Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, All About Words by Maxwell Nurnberg and Morris Rosenblum and the word list from Barron’s GRE. It will definitely guide in developing a love and curiosity for learning new words. QDS Pro provides with plethora of books of popular authors. So, don’t limit yourself to one particular book and get access to all.

Lastly, you can always go for online coaching to lean the ways to improve your vocabulary. QDS Pro brings to you the facility of online/virtual classes which is accessible from anywhere and at any time. Learning can get easier only when you have the will and determination for it. Develop the habit of reading and no can stop you from getting a good command over English language or any language as for that matter. Good Luck!

Wed Apr 29, 2020

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