How To Improve Mental Maths?

First question which triggers every student who is preparing for any kind of entrance exams is: What is mental maths and why is it necessary to have a good control over it? Mental maths is the ability of the human beings to solve the mathematical problems and do the calculations with only human brain and without the usage of calculator or any other technical device. Most of the competitive exams are time bound, which means we have plethora of questions to solve in a limited period of time. Using mental mathematics skill becomes essential because the traditional method of writing every single step down or the method which was taught in school consumes a lot of time. Hence, the students who are not fast at their calculations may lag behind the others.

Sometimes it does happen that when we are trying to solve a mathematics problem, we get nervous, we have sweaty palms and we find it difficult to concentrate. This is known as maths anxiety which most of the students suffer from. We think that it happens because we are pathetic at this subject but it actually happens because we aren’t able to solve the problem. And if, the question of time comes into picture, our heartbeat increases. Here, comes the role of ‘Vedic Mathematics’. Vedic maths has a lot of tips and tricks which helps to save time on calculations and improve our accuracy at solving questions. Mental maths is not as difficult as it appears to be. When we further learn about it, you will come to know that it helps us solve the problems which our mind considers impossible. Only certain rules need to be learned.

Don’t worry! QDS Pro brings to you the service of online/virtual classrooms which will help you learn Vedic Mathematics tricks and rules from anywhere and at any time. Yes! You heard it correct, you can excel at mental mathematics sitting right on your comfy sofa. In fact, you can access it from any device and even at multiple devices.

Swift calculations give you an edge over others who are appearing for the same examination and hence, this marks a difference between an average performer and a top ranker. Mental maths skills are not something which with you are born but an acquired skill. You develop this skill as and when you grow. You can never be late at learning it. By repeated practice and exercising of brain, one can excel at it. Solving sudoku, playing online mathematics games, solving puzzles or playing any such games which enchants your brain will help in exercising of brain. These are the easy methods to improvise mental mathematics skills while having fun.

There is myriad of books which gives us information on how to work on improving mental maths. You do not have to purchase them because QDS Pro provides you to access these books from anywhere and at any time. Our aim is to provide you with everything which is required in preparing for your entrance examinations. If you have any doubt you are welcome to try our free trail/demo and judge us accordingly. Practice tests are also available to check your progress and you can have one-to-one interactions with our faculty members. The 24*7 online doubt solving platform will help you in solving your doubts.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your preparation now with QDS Pro and develop the required mental mathematics skill to stand out in the crowd and become a top rank holder. Let not maths dominate your examinations but you should hold the power to dominate it. Do not see it as a pressure but unravel the fascination within it. You will not only come out with flying colours but also cherish this study process forever.

Wed Apr 29, 2020

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