How To Ace The GMAT Exam?

With lakhs of candidates applying every year, it is difficult to ace an exam as competitive as that of GMAT. With the level of competition that comes in with different country institutions coming into the picture, it is important that the entire preparation process for the exam is done in as systematic a manner as possible. Most candidates try to get a score above 700 as it assures admission into the top schools that accept the scores of GMAT and so it is important to set a good target but also make sure that it is realistic with respect to one’s own capabilities. We at QDS Pro believe that there are certain ways that a candidate can ace the exam by paying attention to the preparation stage as well as the exam format. Check out the following tips to ace GMAT:
Proper Study Material- Apart from the official GMAT study material, reliable and closest to the GMAT format study material is important for the candidate to get sufficient practise in different sections for better performance on D-Day. Platforms like ours, QDS Pro can provide and suggest curated content for good quality study accessories to practise from.
Setting a study ethic and routine- The most important part about preparing for a competitive exam like GMAT is pre-planning the entire preparation process based on one’s capabilities. Setting paced out study hours with subject wise goals over fixed periods of time, like a week, can prove to be less stressful and more lucrative.
Preparing for D-Day- Taking sufficient mock exams and solving samples by timing oneself to get used to the time structure of the exam is very important when one gives a highly competitive exam like GMAT. It ensures proper utilisation of time as one gets accustomed to the time constraints with continuous practice. Good mock exams can be found on our site as well.
Self- Analysis- More than beating oneself up for the mistakes made in mocks and practices, it is important to review the given exam results, find out where mistakes were made and work on them for avoiding repetition later on. It is necessary to identify and work on one’s weak points which can be easily identified here.
Section wise preparation- Taking up individual sections and lessons, one needs to identify their strengths and weaknesses in them. Moreover, having a lesson wise preparation to keep clear concepts can help see the exam as a broken-down structure of many fragments which makes it less overwhelming.
Test format- GMAT is a computer adaptive test, so it is important to pay special attention to the first questions of each section as they determine the computer’s evaluation criteria of one’s capability and set the bar for further questions. One should also leave room and be forgiving of a couple of mistakes made.
Test groups and online portals- Lastly, it is always easier to do something with others. Being a part of test groups to have peer learning for problem solving and sign up to online portals to have guidance from experts about the exam preparation and personal progress can make a world of difference. So, scanning through the pool of choices and choosing the right portals for help can make the entire process easier and more fruitful for the candidate.
Portals like QDS Pro pay special attention to getting curated material and one on one guidance to candidates for helping them step by step in their journey from starting the preparation for a competitive exam like GMAT till they see it through.
Lastly, a competitive exam does not decide every capability that you may have. It is important to strike a balance between rigorous hard work and mental pressure. Remember to take breaks, give yourself room for errors and not overdo the stress that competitive exams bring. All the best 😊

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